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Kiko Glasses Win Lassonde Capstone Competition
Apr 29, 2015
One minute read

Update 2017: Kiko Android has been released!

Update 2015: Kiko Glasses was 2nd runner-up in the 2015 Innovative Designs for Accessibility by Council of Ontario Universities!

Kiko Glasses are an assistive augmented reality device for people with hearing impairments, developed as a 2015 engineering capstone project at the Lassonde School of Engineering. I initiated the project and led the Kiko Glasses team consisting of myself and 5 fellow students: Jonathan Lebon, Yantesh Dhir, Dev Dutta, Bilal Raza, and Vahe Khachikyan.

Kiko Glasses use multiple microphones for selective recording, sound visualization, sound localization, speech recognition, and transcription. For more info, here are our poster and presentation.

This week, the School held the 2015 Lassonde Engineering Capstone Competition, and Kiko Glasses won first place! There are some great pictures from the event on Facebook, as well as a video on YouTube:

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